Ecojobs Environmental Personnel is an established service, providing skilled staff for environmental projects and management in Perth and Albany. Ecojobs clients include local and state government agencies, private businesses, and community landcare groups. Currently, Ecojobs completes over 35,000 hours of environmental restoration and rehabilitation work in Perth and the south coast of Western Australia.

Ecojobs' workforce comprises environmentally educated and aware, initiative-driven and highly reliable staff with diverse expertise from regeneration and restoration, to planting, weed control, fauna and flora management and more. Ecojobs employ all staff based on their environmental credentials and experience in the environmental field. Our team's knowledge and commitment assist our clients in achieving sound environmental outcomes.

Ecojobs aims are to capacity build the state's environmental workforce, by providing knowledgeable, dedicated young environmentally-focused people with well-paid employment and pathways to full-time career opportunities in the sector. Ecojobs has become a valuable social enterprise for Green Skills, generating a surplus which is put back into the organisation to support other environmental projects and activities. As a 'million dollar a year' conduit for environmental workforce capacity building, Ecojobs is able to meet the continuing needs of your organisation and the green-economy of tomorrow.

Choosing Ecojobs enhances the future of your own business, encourages more people into our vital industry, and, improves the State's environment - a true 'triple-bottom line’.